Changing T-Shirt Necklines - Part One June 10 2015, 1 Comment

Sewing allows us to add our own individual stamp to our garments and by simple neckline changes we can personalise our tops as well as getting extra mileage out of the patterns. 

In this example I am using Flair Patterns Style 1001 (T-Shirt Knit Top) and have re-designed the neckline by taking 2cm off the front and back necklines and then adding a double band.


  • Start by tracing off a front and back T-Shirt pattern pieces using paper or a lightweight sew in interfacing.
  • Draw in the new neckline edge by measuring 2cm (3/4") off the front and back neckline edges, this will now be the new cutting line.
  • Draw in the new stitching line by measuring 1cm (3/8") in from the new neckline edges.
  • Next measure the new stitching line by placing the measuring tape on its side and measuring the front and back necklines minus the shoulder seam allowances. This measurement determines the length of the new neckband. 
  • The neckband is a rectangle of 5cm ( 2") wide by the new neckline length minus 7cm (2 3/4") - this allows for a 1cm (3/8") seam allowance on all edges. 

When altering a neckline, I do a sample first to see if I like the results before going on to do a full top. And depending on the stretch of the knit you may need to either add or subtract 1cm (3/8") or 2cm (3/4") to the neckband.