Fabric Print pattern matching January 23 2015, 0 Comments

Here are a few tips to get great pattern matching results when cutting out your pattern pieces. For this example I am using Flair Pattern Style 1001 - 14 F/G, a easy to sew T-shirt pattern and a printed knit fabric.

First I start with draping the fabric over a dress model to see which is the most flattering section of the print to use or alternatively drape the fabric over yourself and view the results with a mirror. 

Next locate and measure the fabric's pattern repeat, in this case the pattern repeat is 32cm wide by 35.5cm in length. This will help in determining if you have enough fabric and also recognising the pattern repeat details.

To make it easier for pattern matching, I use full pattern pieces for the centre front (CF) and centre back (CB).

Using a single fabric layout, I positioned the CF pattern piece on the chosen part of fabric with the hem edge on the beginning of the pattern repeat, then I positioned the Side Front pieces beside and close to the CF keeping the hem edges in line with each other. This ensures the fabric pattern will match, as I start sewing the front pieces together from the hem edge.  

Here is a close up picture of the front pattern pieces cut out.

I use the same placement method for the back pieces, starting with the CB piece first, then the Side Back pieces keeping the hem edges on the beginning of the pattern repeat as I did for the CF pattern piece.


As you can see the fabric pattern is matching up nicely and still showing the curved print design.

For positioning the sleeves, I take note of the pattern repeat used for the CF waistline and use the same part of the pattern repeat to place the sleeve elbow line on.

In some instances you may not have enough fabric to pattern match, so in these cases use a plain fabric to compliment the fabric print. This will open up different options to use, like having a front print with a plain back & sleeves or having a front and back print with plain sleeves. So have a go at print matching with a easy knit pattern and fabulous fabric print!