Sewing dreams, aspirations and goals December 31 2014, 2 Comments

Whether it be reducing our fabric stash, making a special outfit, sewing for the new baby, creating a fabulous quilt or just because you wanted to create a one of a kind garment, sewers unite in having sewing dreams, aspirations and goals they would like to achieve!

One of my sewing goals was to create flattering clothes that fitted my top-heavy figure, it took many years for this to happen but it was worth the journey that I took, even as far as going back to school to study Fashion Design & Pattern-making part-time in search of answers to my many sewing dilemma’s! 

Another sewing dream was to let other sewers experience having patterns that were made to suit their unique fitting requirements, so I began designing and drafting patterns for a flattering look but also to hide the multiple darts required to fit larger cup sizes. So Flair Patterns came about. And I was pleased to tick off this sewing dream in 2014!

As another year is about to finish, I hope you also fulfill your sewing dreams, aspirations and goals in 2015. Happy New Year!