My 5 top favourite sewing tools March 11 2015, 0 Comments

Sewing tools that I couldn't do without are sewing weights, a french curve ruler, tailors ham, variety of different scissors and pin cushions.

Sewing Weights - I have been using sewing weights for a long time now and have found them to be invaluable, I save time as I don't need to pin the patterns to the fabric and with the extra weight on the fabric, I find I can cut more accurately as the fabric tends not to move about as much while I am cutting.

French Curve Ruler - great tool for changing the shape of necklines, side seams, sleeves, armhole curves, princess seams or adding interesting curves seams to a garment.

Tailors Ham - a fantastic shaping tool to use when pressing princess seams, armhole seams, darts, collars & revers, crutch seams, waistline seams, pockets and side seams.

Scissors - I have a variety of different scissors to suit various sewing needs. For cutting out fabric I generally use the larger scissors as the longer blades cut more fabric, smaller scissors for trimming and grading seams and thread snips for cutting threads.

Pin Cushions - an indispensable tool to have near your sewing machine or sewing project. The great thing is that pin cushions can be as simple as a magnetic pin holder or as decorative as a patchwork pin cushion but either way they do a good job of keeping pins in a safe spot.